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Thoughts on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent

Let me be upfront about this: I am not Catholic. My life has been about not "being" anything religion-wise; so as a Methodist-Baptist-Presbyterian-Non-Denominational-type person, I'm definitely NOT an expert on the subject! However, I am currently immersed in that world every day, so it has caused me to consider the concept of "giving up" something for Lent. I respect the belief as it's practiced by so many of the faithful, and agree that it's valuable to spend time reflecting on our faith and/or life practices from time to time.

If you feel the need to give up a "thing" for Lent-something you will miss in your daily life to remind you to draw on your faith for strength and motivation, or to demonstrate your willingness to accept sacrifice, then you should definitely follow your heart there. If I'm missing an important element of the practice, you can, and should, enlighten me- I won't be offended!

But here is where it brings my thoug…

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